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We welcome Tripawd Roscoe

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog. Over a year ago it started as my blue eyed Jakes page, and so much has changed in that year. My best friend Jake became an angel and with his wings he fluttered two more little pups into my heart. My Tanner has been such a light for me. He is silly and sweet and is one of the most loving dogs I’ve ever met. This week Jake opened my heart to Roscoe. I have said so many times that if I ever saw a Tripawd Boston Terrier we would be in trouble (never believing for once second I would ever see one). Little Roscoe is a fighter. It’s obvious he once belonged to someone because he’s housebroken, but whoever graced his life before his rescue is one sorry soul. Roscoe is a very poorly bred BT and he is paying the physical price for it. As if that alone weren’t enough, his tail is the product of an at home hack job (either scissors or rubber band, we aren’t quite sure) and he became a tripawd because someone decided wrapping a rubber band around a fixable injured paw was their preferred method of treatment. Roscoe is scared, he has anxiety and I’m pretty sure all he really wants in life is to lay beside someone on the sofa and have his belly rubbed. He is a GOOD dog. He is a SWEET dog. How anyone in the world could ever hurt him I will never know. I never expected to have a second dog, we have a full house already; but, when I saw him I could feel Jakes angel wings on me and how could I ever say no to that?     

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Tanner would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday

Merry Christmas from Tanner (guest appearance by big sister Bella)! I wish our Jake could be here, he loved opening presents on Christmas. His tail wagged non-stop on christmas morning. This will our first Christmas without him and our first Christmas with the Tanner-man. I have no doubt he will keep us busy laughing all morning long. We are very lucky to have this little nutcase. DSC_0460    Tanner Christmas 2-1Tanner ChristmasDSC_0461


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Three Tripawds for a Cause

These three, Dorey, Tanner and Cooper met this morning for the first time after they ran across the finish line for the Dorey and her story 5K. Dorey was adopted a couple months ago from the same rescue Tanner came from and like Tanner was picked up as a stray after being hit by a car. Cooper was adopted from another local rescue after being brought to a vet’s office to be euthanized b/c he was born with only 3 legs.

Hooray for Tripawd rescues running walking and hopping for a great cause to raise money to save other tripawd rescues!!


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August Birthdays and Ampuversaries OH MY…….

August is cause for many celebrations around here! Happy 13th Birthday to my handsome blue-eyed Jake in Heaven!!! Not one single day goes by that I don’t wish he was here. I love him and will miss him forever. I send a million kisses to heaven for you every day Mr. Man. Happy 2nd Birthday (and 1 year ampuversary) to my crazy-man Tanner!!! For those that don’t know, I adopted Tanner 2 weeks after my Jake passed away. The laughter he has brought us is priceless. Jake used to love it when I laughed, he would get so crazy. I know Jake had a purpose in this little guy. Happy Celebrations all around!!

Jake 2Tanner 2TannerJake

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Being more dog

Whoever said a girls best friend were diamonds, never owned a dog. I’m not quite sure how I ended up with two of the greatest dogs on earth….maybe part of it is that all dogs are great really. Not only are they great, but they can teach us so many life lessons if we care to listen:

1.  Looks can be deceiving.

2.  Allow fresh air and wind in your face whenever possible.

3.  Be loyal.

4.  Never pretend to be something youre not.

5. You are never too old to play.

6. When loved ones come home, always greet them.

7. Stretch before rising.

8.  Avoid biting when growling will do.

9.  Forgive.

10.  Show compassion.

11.  Trust your instincts.

12.  Things dont matter.

13.  Go for walks every day.

14.  Love unconditionally.

15. Get lots of rest. 

I spent the last year of Jake’s life scared to death. I was scared of what losing a leg would in turn cause him to lose. Would he run, play, feel pain, be depressed? I was scared of not being sure whether I was making the right decision. I was scared of the tests, the chemo….oh my was I scared of giving him chemo. I was scared he would die, like somehow I thought living forever was ever an option. Do you know what Jake did the entire time I spent being scared? He wagged his tail, he requested belly rubs, he played tug-a-war, he slept in his spot on the bed, he begged for pizza crust and he growled at my BF every time he would play tackle me. I was scared to death and he was just living his life without a care in the world. Jake lost nothing in losing a leg (if you don’t count the leg itself). He ran, he played, we kept him pain free and if he was depressed I sure couldn’t tell! I learned that the right decisions are the ones made using a combination of your heart and head; and, the chemo turned out to be fine. Yes, he passed away eventually…..but we ALL will pass away eventually. The greatest life lesson Jake taught me was to stop worrying, everything will be fine, and yes we will all die but the most important thing is the way in which we live.

My Jake brought Tanner to me, there is not a doubt in my mind. Tanner (like Jake) gets stopped everywhere we go. For 12 years Jake was stopped because of his gorgeous blue eyes. Yes, people saw he was a tripawd but no one even noticed after they saw those eyes!! Tanner gets stopped for being a tripawd everywhere we go. People always comment that they would have never thought a dog with three legs could run so fast. Animal Control is near the dog park, and three employees walked over to the park just to see him today. “We can’t believe a dog can do so well on 3 legs” they said. Perhaps, those people too learned a life lesson today. Perhaps another dog will be saved because they realize three legs isn’t a disability at all.

One thing I know is that we will all worry, question our decisions and be scared to death…but in the midst of all of it, please evaluate how you spend your time living. Life will end, no matter what eventually, and when that time comes, the greatest gift you will ever hold are the memories of a life well lived. A life you can look back on and say, yeah we were battling this/that disease or this/that injury, but OH BOY did we have a GREAT TIME! That’s what my Jake taught me.




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Tanner at 4,000 ft

He did it! He hiked the highest peak in Shenandoah Nat’l park today. This was his first real hike so we cheated by starting at the halfway point, BUT he climbed over boulders and through rocks no problem! I’m so proud of him. Last time we were here, Jake was with us. I just know Jake was there in spirit and so happy Tanner is following in his footsteps. From city stray to adventure dog! We have so much planned for this summer, can’t wait to show off just what this handsome tripawd can do!!!



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Ridiculous cuteness…

Just in case anyone needed some extra cuteness to kick off the Memorial Day Weekend, Tanner is to the rescue!

photo (11)

photo (10)photo (12)




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A Tanner Blanket

Every time I sit down, this is what happens. I get covered in a Tanner blanket. Its almost as if every time he plops down on me he says “thank you thank you thank you for letting me be here”. It melts my heart every single time. I just hug on him and say “No thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU for being here with me!!”

photo (8)       photo (4)   photo (7)

“Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today; and I’ll always remember it” 

― David Nicholls, One Day

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Team Tripawds Represented



After a flat tire (and no Jack) on the interstate this morning, finally arrived at my first triathlon of the season. The kickoff started with a group of triathletes pulling disabled kids in boats across the pool, tear jerker #1. Swim was horrible, and I was vowing never to get in a pool again with a group of thrashing crazy people when I saw my Tripawds shirt waiting for me in the bike transition, tear jerker #2. I threw that bad boy on and tear jerker #3 came when I could hear “I LOVE YOUR SHIRT”‘s being yelled to me from the sidelines. I thought about my Jake, Shelby, Happy Hannah, all those who have gotten their wings battling this awful disease and all of those still fighting. I saw all kinds of shirts today that were obviously very dear to the hearts of those wearing them, glad I had mine on. Cancer is not just a people disease. Cancer affects us ALL.





This one was for you buddy…..


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Meet the fur-fam….




I felt like I needed to post some pics of “the girls” since they are just as much our babies 🙂 So without further adieu, may I introduce to you the rest of the fur-fam….

This is Baby, laying next to our Jake a couple days before he passed away. Baby did not normally lay with him. He was on the sofa and she snuggled right up next to him. I love this picture because it shows simple love and compassion. I think Baby knew, and this was her own way of comforting him. Baby is one of the sweetest cats I have ever known. I’m not exactly sure what her story is other than she was found somewhere without a mom and hadn’t been weaned. The shelter had given her 2 rounds of vaccinations and spayed her (she was only 1.5 lbs)! So she was pretty sick when I adopted her. My BF carried her around with him, nursed her back to health, and now his shoulder is her most favorite spot. She still thinks he’s her mom 🙂


Baby and Jake


This is Pearl (named after the Black Pearl, my daughters favorite Pirates of the Caribbean movie). Two years ago, just a few weeks after my 20 year old kitty Charlie passed away, I saw this little girl sitting in our yard. She looked like a beat up rag doll and wouldn’t let any of us near her. I put food out for her every day on our porch. If we even looked at her through the window she ran away. About a year later, and lots of patience on our part, she let us pet her. Fast forward another year, and she’s now a full time house kitty. She’s just a tiny girl but she is full of fire! Don’t let that cute face fool you, she’s as tough as they get 🙂



This is Bella (the crazy Calico in the background). She is the matriarch of the house. She was adopted with Baby. They aren’t litter mates, but might as well be. Bella’s only care in life is food. God forbid her bowl be half empty! She has been the first one to befriend Tanner. He tried to chase her many times and learned a few hard lessons about cats along the way…now he bows down to her. Just the way she wants it 🙂

photo (3)

Bella and Tanner



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