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Dear Jake…


Video’s of my Jake:   Jake1    Jake2

Dear Jake,

Its been two months since you’ve been gone. Two months without you at the foot of my bed, without you excited to see me when I walk in the door from work, without you crawling up next to me looking for a belly rub. It’s been a hard two months without seeing your beautiful blue eyes. There have been so many storms (it even thundered in the snow) and not one crash of thunder went by without a thought of you. There was no one there for me to comfort. Our 12 years together was so amazing. You were the greatest dog ever. I know just from the look in your eyes that you thought I was great too. We were quite a pair weren’t we? You running like a lunatic through the house, tail tucked, as fast as you could…and me laughing so hard egging you on. Me trying to pick you up and put you in the tub when you sat like a cement statue because you hated a bath. Then you’d get me back by shaking all the water off next to me until I was just as soaked as you. We’d lay in the hammock together in the sunshine, and we’d snuggle on the sofa on lazy saturday afternoons. We had so much fun didn’t we?!! I will love you and miss you forever my sweet blue-eyed Jake.

If I could send a letter to heaven, I know just what I’d say, I’d let the Angels know, they met the best that day

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National Puppy Day!

Jake pupJake river


Puppies Rock! Remembering my Jake on National Puppy Day, this was his first trip to the river. He was wide eyed at the water, right next to his Buddy and then went for it!! He had an amazing soul. Even as a puppy, he taught me that sometimes you have to stare life down and just make a go for it :))


Tanner blanketTanner blanket 2


My Tanner, though not a puppy at 1.5, he was a stray so he’s just learning how to live the way a puppy should have! Love this little guy!!

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Hey You, Cutie Poo’s!


HEY YOU, Cutie Poos…its me Tanner! Sending out hugs and puppy dog kisses to all my Tripawd friends today!! I heard its been a rough few weeks out there in Tripawd Nation, and just wanted you guys all to know that I’m pawsitive my brother Jake is making sure all those on the rainbow bridge have tails a’waggin! I’m also sending all my pawsitive thoughts out there to Libby today, hang in there girl, all us Tripawds are rootin’ for ya!! LOVE and Tripawd HUGS to all!!


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My dog, my friend



We are all really missing you my sweet Jake, my dog, my friend.



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Life is Goooood!

Tanner 3

Doggie park, treat filled kong and now I’m all snugglez! You can’t tell by the smile on my face? Life is Goooood!

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Is Winter over yet???


I AM READY FOR SPRING!!! It isn’t supposed to be this cold here!! A tripawd needs warmth!

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1 month Angelversary

I can’t believe its been one month since you became an angel Jake. I still find tufts of your hair around, and I found one of your toys hidden under the laundry hamper in the bedroom. I thought I caught a glimpse of you laying on the floor, by the sofa the other day. I managed through the first storm in 12 years without you huddled up next to me, trying to hide from it. I miss you so much. I hope you know that I would have done anything for you, you were the greatest dog in the world. My buddy, my best friend, you will never be forgotten



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A Dog’s Last Will & Testament


This was posted by a Tripawd member the day after Jake earned his wings. It looks just like him and brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.


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Doggie Pool


I think my pawrents were hoping to leave some of my energy behind at the doggie pool today but I just wasn’t so sure about a bowl full of water THAT big. I finally got in up to my elbows but I wasn’t going ANY further 🙂 We tried a life vest but that was just weird. Plus, what a hazard those floors were, they are very slippery and I slid around all over the place. I think my pawrents are going to ask for the rubber mats in the doggie wash to be placed around the pool for my visits…


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How cute am I? I stole the best seat in the house, the corner of the sofa!!


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