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Dear Jake…

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Video’s of my Jake:   Jake1    Jake2

Dear Jake,

Its been two months since you’ve been gone. Two months without you at the foot of my bed, without you excited to see me when I walk in the door from work, without you crawling up next to me looking for a belly rub. It’s been a hard two months without seeing your beautiful blue eyes. There have been so many storms (it even thundered in the snow) and not one crash of thunder went by without a thought of you. There was no one there for me to comfort. Our 12 years together was so amazing. You were the greatest dog ever. I know just from the look in your eyes that you thought I was great too. We were quite a pair weren’t we? You running like a lunatic through the house, tail tucked, as fast as you could…and me laughing so hard egging you on. Me trying to pick you up and put you in the tub when you sat like a cement statue because you hated a bath. Then you’d get me back by shaking all the water off next to me until I was just as soaked as you. We’d lay in the hammock together in the sunshine, and we’d snuggle on the sofa on lazy saturday afternoons. We had so much fun didn’t we?!! I will love you and miss you forever my sweet blue-eyed Jake.

If I could send a letter to heaven, I know just what I’d say, I’d let the Angels know, they met the best that day

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~ by elizabeth on March 25, 2014 .

2 Responses to “Dear Jake…”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    And if Jake could send a letter to his mom, this is what he’d say, “I had the best time with you!! All those memories you just shared…..they’re my favorite ones too,! Yes, we ARE quite a pair still! Maybe we’re not “physically” together…but we are still together! No, nothing can ever separste us! Oh, you’ll like this mom! You know how you liked it when I ran through the house fast as I could and we both laughed with such joy? Well, the Angels were watching and they chase me around up here from one cloud to another. It’s such a blast! And when you heart thunder now……that’s just me jumping from one cloud to another and barkng with glee as I do it!”

    Elizabeth, I know your heart aches and you miss Jake terribly! The way you honor him though……by staying on the site and helping others…..keeps Jake alive here with us. It is such a beautiful way to honor a very special soul

    Thank you for telling us more about your Jake tonight. We look forward to hearing many, many more stories avout Jake. You painted a very visual picture of meories with Jake tonight. It really makes me feel like I’ve known him all twelve wonderful years.

    HOWEVER…withyour next blog, p,ease i clude more pics of sweet Jake!! We never tire of seeng that smazngly handsme dog!!

    Sending you love and surroundingyou with charming Jake’s eternal joy!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2.   benny55 Says:

    The video wouldn’t play on my tavlet doggo e it. Don’t know if you can do something on yor end so it will play on a tablet/mobile.

    You know how badly zi want to see these!!! stupid talets!!

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